Feed Me — Celebrating Food Designs through Visual Identities

“Packed like sardines,” Feed Me packs the best of food branding in recent years. Like sardines, who are migratory by nature and moving between continents, Feed Me is curated by geographical locations, featuring the best of food branding by the continents where they are located. Feed Me compiles an exquisite selection of food branding—from cafés to restaurants, food producers to food concepts, and from finger food to fine dining—serving a wide variety of cuisine from Italian pizzas to Mexican tacos, Japanese sushi to American fast food. Featuring 136 projects in 348 pages from five continents, you name it, we got it (packed like sardines)!

Published by Rheza Edward
Edited by Tan Cher Lynn
Designed and Curated by Weiming Huang
Published in March 2016

Wood-free Paper
Square Binding with Die-cut Jacket
205mm × 255mm
ISBN 9789810981426


Feed Me Web_1 Feed Me Web_2 Feed Me Web_3 Feed Me Web_4 Feed Me Web_5 Feed Me Web_6 Feed Me Web_7 Feed Me Web_8

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